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Discovering your Authentic Self


​Akashic Reading

  1. What should I do if I feel scared to access my Akashic Records? I feel nervous that something in my past life will come up that I am not ready to hear.
    It's natural to feel wary and scared about accessing your Records, because we are scared of the unknown. We forget about our soul's history on this side of the veil. However, our Highest Self has access to every part of our soul's history already. Accessing the Records is actually conversing with our Highest Self and our Guides. The Akashic Field is a place of non-judgement and love. You are not judged on anything by your Guides. In all my sessions I have never once channeled something which was unpleasant for the person receiving the reading. Usually when there is trauma and/or karmic contracts, you are only shown the information that you are ready to receive.

  2. What type of questions can I ask in a Reading?
    Anything and everything that helps you to be your authentic self today! Nothing is out of bounds in an Akashic Reading. Your Guides know everything and also what you need to hear. It can be a question about your health, finances, spirituality, relationships - about anything in life. It is best to ask open ended questions from your Guides and through them you get a chance of receiving a more detailed and deeper answer versus just asking "yes or no" questions. When you book a session you will be sent a pre-session guidance document which will have examples of some questions you could ask.

  3. How is a session conducted?
    It will be a live session over zoom (webconference call). The benefit of being on a live call is that if you have any confusion about the answers received you are able to ask follow-up questions as well and obtain higher clarity. 

    We will first start with any questions you may have before opening your Records. Then I guide you through a 2-3 min grounding meditation to bring your awareness in the current moment and to open your heart for the healing from the Akashic Field during your session. I then open the Records and start channeling whatever is being shown from your Records. I receive information through clairvoyance - visuals (what I see in my third eye), clairaudience - hearing channeled messages from your Guides, claircognizance - a knowing received during the session and clairsentience - emotions or sensations felt during the session. If there is time left after the Records are closed I answer any additional questions you may have about the answers received. If your Guides give a recommendation to take a specific action for your healing, I also send the follow-up information that would help you to integrate the guidance received.

  4. How can an Akashic Reading help me?
    If I said imagine your Guides or a Higher Consciousness in front of you and ask all the questions you have about your life, you will first start with the challenges you are facing and how can you heal or grow from where you are. This is exactly what an Akashic Reading does - it helps us to accelerate our healing, change our thought patterns and the energy we embody that no longer serves us. It gives us clarity and the answers we have been seeking which catalyses our healing process and also helps us to grow in every sphere of life.


  5. How is the Akashic Reading different from a Psychic Reading?
    The main difference is that in an Akashic Reading its best to focus the questions only about yourself i.e. asking questions like "Will my son get married?" ask something along the lines of "I feel anxious about my son's marriage. How can I best support him to find his life partner?". This is because we are opening your Records and not your son's Records. All the questions should be asked from your perspective, about how a particular relationship is impacting your life or how can you support your loved one or why is a particular relationship challenging in your life?

    In addition, in a Psychic Reading the person who is doing the reading is tapping in your energy field or may be channeling information that is shown by the Psychic's Guide to the them. In an Akashic Reading the information is being channeled from your Akashic Records and your Guides who are assisting you during the Reading.

  6. Does that mean you or someone else can access all the information at once from the Akashic Records?
    Just like a physical library where you search for answers to a solution and you find a book related to that and within that book a specific chapter or page contains the answer to your specific problem. The same way when the Records are accessed our Guides give us the information that we are ready to receive in that moment but also only that information which is relevant for us based on the question we ask. 

If you have more questions that have not been answered above, please feel free to contact here.

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