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Akashic Messages for 2022 and February

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Welcome to the monthly messages from the Akashic Field!

Below are channeled messages for 2022 and the month of February from the Akashic Field for the AuthenYou audience which includes everyone who is reading this.

Message for the year 2022:

"As soon as I open the Records, I immediately see so many Light Beings standing in front of me. And I see Them wherever my vision goes. These Light Beings are Spirit Guides, Guardians, Ancestors and Ascended Masters supporting the various people who have taken a reading or will be taking a reading and who are receiving this message. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for being here. How is 2022 going to be for everyone?

The year 2022 is transformational yet challenging for a lot of people and souls. This challenge is not to be taken as that this is a challenge happening to you, but it is a challenge happening for you, which will propel you further in your growth. Many have already experienced January as a month with challenges in your personal life. And this may continue for some, but this is to bring you in alignment of yourself, and to bring you in alignment of your spirituality, and how you are able to co-create the beautiful future that lies ahead of you in 2022.

The future depends on your present moment. And what you embody in the present moment so all these challenges are to remind you to bring yourselves to your heart space - to be present in the current moment from the heart center. And meditating on heart healing is going to help you to be more in your heart space. Be mindful not to try to escape the emotions or distract yourself from the challenges but in fact, embrace it, that this is part of your growth.

2022 is going to be transformational for a lot of people because you are going to see your spiritual gifts unfold. A lot of people are going to awaken as well to their highest self. Some around you would need help to essentially go through their "dark night of the soul" which is just a term that is given by humans or the souls on Earth to the phase where it may seem that there is no light ahead. This is the phase of beautiful transformation like a caterpillar which goes from wandering aimlessly to a cocoon when it's dark inside, to coming out and and then be able to transform into a butterfly and fly above to see the broader horizons to see the beautiful universe in front of it. When inside the cocoon it is dark and when it is a caterpillar, its vision is limited. But when the the caterpillar becomes a butterfly - when the metamorphosis happened, that is when the butterfly is able to see that there was much more than what it was seeing in that limited space. And that's what 2022 is going to be for everyone, it is a year of blessings, it is the year of stepping into your power, it is the year of stepping into your light and it is the year of letting your light be seen by everyone. So, do not hide away your light or hide away yourself from people to see you, from others to see you because your light is going to inspire them and shine, shine as brightly as you can! This essentially means to not hide or run away from your intuition or from the pings inside you because this is the higher message to not be scared, but embrace it and yes, take action, listen to your heart. And that will lead you to the state of transformation this year."

Message for the month of February:

"February is going to bring those who are looking for love their partner here on Earth for them to help them align themselves with the love that they have inside and therefore attract who is for them on the outside as well. So it's going to help people to meet the one with whom they want to be with and have that love that they have been seeking. But first yes, they need to connect with the love that they have for themselves inside. And that is what is going to attract their loved one to them to their inner light and the love they have for themselves. And for others it may mean that their relationships which are no longer in alignment are going to be shown to them and whatever is not in alignment is going to come forward. They will receive the messages to either move away from it or step away from it and whether they follow it or not that is in their own free will. This is going to be a month of relationships of Earthly relationships of soul contracts of members of your soul family coming together. It is a month of celebration of love. We are guiding you to receive love, accept love and also receiving what is not in alignment in the existing relationships. These can be any relationships, whether it's one that you love, the romantic love or any other relationship with your loved ones with your friends with any member of your soul group. And these are soul contracts that may be challenging that may come into light.

For everyone on the spiritual path, it is a month where they will feel the energetic shift where January has been full of challenges but February is where they will start feeling the energetic shift which will help them to move with the energy of the 2022 to start with a new shift in themselves.

This is a month of receiving, being open to receiving love from your higher self from the source and from the Angels who come in human forms. So be open and keep yourself open to receiving love this month and that is what we wish to convey you. And you may ask how can I be open, stay open to receiving love. This will be by being in a state of being from your heart center. Whenever you feel your ego, your mind taking over, take few deep breaths and bring your awareness into your heart. What is it that your heart is feeling at that time? What emotions are you feeling at that time? And that will be like your tuning fork, that will be like your Barometer, to be able to check, to understand what is it that you are feeling from your soul instead of thinking from your ego or from your mind. Your ego wants you to stay safe, wants you to keep safe, but your heart wants you to be open. Be open to change, be open to receive. Lots of blessings and love for all of you!

I just felt this huge wave of love wash over me from all the Light Beings. Thank you for your guidance. Thank you."

After channeling the message for February I could feel it was very relationship centric. After channeling the message it came to my awareness that in this month we are indeed supported astrologically as well by the stars and planets alignment to receive amazing energy. Astrologically in February Venus and Mars are aligned together in the sky which balances the masculine and feminine principles within us, and can also stimulate soulmate meetings and meetings with the relationship that you are seeking, whether a friend, mentor etc.. And this has made me marvel at the wonder of how various modalities essentially deliver similar messages!

Here is a Heart Healing Meditation which I channeled earlier and would be very helpful this month.

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