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Open the Energy Channels and
Feel the Shifts within you and outside of you...

Reiki is a powerful healing modality that heals at the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Reiki Healing means channeling Spiritual Wisdom (Rei) and Life Force Energy (Ki) to increase the life energy and promote free-flow of the life energy within you. Whenever there is blockage or restriction in energy flow it causes various issues at the physical, mental and energetic level and that can manifest into dis-ease. Reiki promotes a balanced and good flow of energies and aids someone's recovery and well-being.

I channel the powerful Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® with a new frequency of the New Earth as received and passed down through the Reiki course in the Spring of 2020 by the Reiki Master I trained from.

What does a Reiki session entail?

The Reiki Healing is done remotely which means do not need to be present in-person to receive it. The Reiki is received through the quantum field. It includes a 15 minute guided meditation, followed by Reiki Healing channeling for 30 minutes and remaining 15 minutes include the journaling and relaying the guidance received during the healing.

What will you experience during the session?

During the healing you will experience the radiant energy of Reiki I/II all around you and within you. You will feel deeply relaxed and will have a feeling of sinking deeper where you are lying or sensation of floating or experience some tingling, twitching or involuntary movement - the experience depends from person to person. You may see colors, visions or hear messages as well. All these signs are just an indication that you are receiving the healing through the quantum field channeled during the session.

Additional information about Reiki Healing is given here.